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Cayce Conference no 31 - Sep 16-17

Soul stories from the Vault & Holistic Health

doug e knueven Jon Shatat is from Ottawa Canada and has been studying the Edgar Cayce readings for more than 25 years. He is a graduate of the Cayce Reilly School of Massage, a Cayce-trained Life Coach and conducts past life regressions. For the last 10 years, he has traveled extensively across the US interviewing reading recipients and their families. Registration and payment at latest 15th of September.



Soul stories from the Vault: Let the lessons from the past, sculpt your future

Thousands of people obtained readings from Edgar Cayce, and a very small percentage were told they were the reincarnation of famous people.  

Based on dozens of interviews with reading recipients, explore the people they were in this life and follow their soul growth over the ages. Understand how these entities were raised up in positions of influence and how their souls progressed over the centuries.


Jantsje Osinga is also a graduate from the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage in Virginia Beach. For 25 years she and her husband Jan are having a holistic health practice. As a guiding principle she works with the Cayce health protocols. At the conference she will present ways how to keep and restore health. And she will let you experience simple ways how to integrate the Cayce principles into your daily life. She will also present different ways how to take care of the inside/outside of your body, by using the Cayce Products. These products will be for sale during the conference.


Travel info about how to come to Stockholm City from the Arlanda airport

and from Stockholm City to the place for the conference in Hjorthagen

Go to this page >> Travel in Stockholm

Conference fee is 1500 SEK for both days and 800 SEK for one day.

See the registration form for more details about how to pay  and latest dates for registration. The lectures are audiorecorded into the audioformat mp3 and can be purchased afterwards, a few weeks after the conference.


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