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Zoom Peter Woodbury Sweden 2021

Vi genomförde en serie av tre föredrag/interaktiva sessioner med Peter Woodbury i slutet på november och början på december. De hölls på kvällstid kl 19-20.30 tisdagar och med en veckas mellanrum. Kostnaden var 250 kr per deltagare för alla tre sessionerna. Sessionerna hölls på Zoom på dator där vi blev uppkopplade mot Peter Woodbury. De spelades in och kan ses i efterhand under en månad. De inspelade sessionernas längd är cirka 1,5 tim. Mitt i programmet hade vi egen gruppdiskussion på svenska i cirka 20 min i så kallade break out rooms. Tiderna var kl. 19-21 svensk tid.

De som var nya användare kunde kontakta Ulf Westman på info@edgarcayce.se / 070-39 77 960 där han i förväg kunde svara på tekniska frågor om Zoom, hur man installerar och använder programmet på datorn, vilka krav som ställs på anslutning etc. För några som ändå kände sig osäkra på att praktiskt använda Zoom, hade vi några kortare träningssessioner för att kolla att allt fungerar. Jag rekommenderar alla att ha ett headset med mikrofon. Det blir bäst ljud då.

Första sessionen var den 23 nov. Nummer två var den 30 nov. Den sista var den 7 dec.


ABOUT ZOOM EVENT / WORKSHOP (Already finished)

Peter Woodbury discussed Last Life on Earth: The Seven Secrets to Breaking Free of the Wheel of Karma and Reincarnation.

Here is a small glimpse of the workshop conducted.

What if this life could be your last life in the Earth plane? Explore the insights Cayce gave to 18 people who were told that this lifetime could be their last incarnation. How did they earn this distinction— and what YOU can learn from them?

In the workshop, Peter told us about the seven “secrets” of graduation out of this “School of Earth”! These secrets are tied to the Spiritual Laws of Karma, Grace, and the Master Law: Like Attracts Like. As you discover ways to heal your past and activate your future, you will take a look at reincarnation from Cayce’s unique perspective. Explore the attitudes and emotions that can keep us tied to this earthly plane and to the cycle of reincarnation, and explore the enlightening Edgar Cayce teachings on the nature of the soul and the various levels of consciousness beyond the third dimension, including life between lives.

You will also clarify your personal ideals and see your place in the “grand plan” of our return to the Source, learn the effect that relationships such as soul groups, soul mates, and twin souls have on our spiritual progress, and tap into past, present, and future lives that are affecting you today.

P.S.: Did you know that in the spiritual realm just as here on the earth plane, every school has faculty – where the students move along but the teachers stay. You may just happen to be on the “faculty” of Earth School! Peter will explore these surprising little-known details in this fascinating workshop. You won’t want to miss this experience! 

Are you ready to finish the cycle of incarnation into the earth?

Watch on-demand afterwards including the ability pause, rewind, or fast-forward as desired. 


Session #1  November 23, at 7 pm Swedish time

Why have we forgotten so much? Peter will explore the soul’s journey from creation into incarnation in the Earth, soul amnesia, karma & reincarnation and the struggle to return ”home”. 

Session #2  November 30, at 7 pm Swedish time

The 7 Spiritual Secrets that you know. Peter will explore the basic soul growth and development concepts from the Cayce work.

Session #3  December 7, at 7 pm Swedish time

The 7 Spiritual Secrets that you DON’T know. Peter will explore some of the less well know and extremely important spiritual truths.

The purpose of these 3 lectures is to help bring back into remembrance some lost soul knowledge with the hopes that it will help the attendee make their journey back to oneness more easily.



Ulf Westman
Stiftelsen Edgar Cayce Center

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